Managing Emotions While Investing Through COVID-19

The 2020 pandemic has paved a rocky road for investors and financial advisors for investing through COVID-19. It has also conjured handfuls of trigger words financial advisors know affect their clients negatively. Words like downturn and losses are more impactful now compared to previous years. 

This year has proved how volatile the stock market truly is, but it is important to remember our actions are the only thing we have control over throughout the ups and downs. When the charts angle down a client’s immediate reaction could be to panic. This type of reaction is understandable, however, it is also unhelpful for their financial future. Everyone enters the market with similar goals, no one can predict the path of their investments. The pandemic will not disappear overnight, which is why it is important for clients to manage their emotions and aim to feel more confident investing. 

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Thriving in a Bear Market

One of the most utilized words in stock market vernacular is volatility. While it can loosely translate as fluctuation on returns, it’s alter ego might describe it simply as a bumpy ride in finance. Since the recent drops in the market the first two quarters of the year, we as a financial whole have been gripping tight to our cash, insight, and a healthy bit of faith. Based on the past, it’s easily deductible a bear market can grapple only for so long before transitioning back into a bull market. When the HCM-BuyLine® first indicated a major sell signal last quarter, we jumped into action to strive to protect our 401(k) Optimizer® subscribers from experiencing the burn of major loss. 

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Your 401(k) Is Just as Important as Your Health

Our routines and our 401(k) plans have collectively experienced the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world. While it has shared similarities as other past pandemics, this one might as well be considered the most socially shocking. Financially, we can absolutely recover as we have done many times in the past. Taking this pandemic day by day opens up the discussion of our futures. Are we as prepared as we believe ourselves to be?

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