How Can My 401(k) Learn from GameStop?

The trading world was in a tizzy recently over GameStop, of all things. Why? To cut to the chase we’ll say it had a lot to do with short selling “nostalgia stocks”, Robinhood Financial, and an army of Redditers

Millennials grew up with GameStop, a video game buyer and seller. It was a staple for many gamers in their younger years, and has slowly been tanking over time. For lack of better words it’s a perfect target for hedge funds to “short sell” and make a profit. 

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The Job Market is Looking Up for November 2020

How many of you have been, or know someone who has been furloughed or laid off this year? It’s 2020 and you can’t throw a rock out of a window without hitting someone who’s job security has been affected by the pandemic. Recessions have long lasting effects on the way our job market and society operate. Consumers spend less, pregnancy rates drop, and college applications deplete; just for starters.

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