Who else has coronavirus whiplash?

Keeping up with this month’s clinical trials has been like watching three mad scientists play beach volleyball. It’s one long, unpredictable, experiment which we just can’t look away from. After reading feedback about the first round of vaccinations, we’d almost prefer grandma get run over by a reindeer than take a coronavirus vaccine this Christmas Eve. 

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The Stock Market Lights a Post-Debate Cigar

As seen in this week’s Wealth Watch

Hear-ye, hear-ye; the highly anticipated, geriatric yelling match has ensued. Around 73 million people took time to witness the Real House-husbands of Capital Hill take verbal swings at each other. If TV owners didn’t know where the mute button was before the debate, they sure do now. While audiences across the USA threw popcorn and wine at their TV screens, the stock market lit up a fat one in the alley. 

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Does the Stock Market Have a Poker Face?

As seen in this week’s Wealth Watch

It’s casino night at the stock market and the HCM-BuyLine® never misses a chance to blow on an investor’s dice. Weeks of gains has left them squirming and wondering which hit will be their last at the blackjack table. Hurricane season looms over the southeast and the market as volatility swirls above investors’ heads. However, there’s no time for tears for the HCM-BuyLine® as its tactical approach maintains a happy-go-lucky outlook on trading. Volatility may be unnerving to many, but is seen as healthy development for market progress. Although it may be on track to bottom in the late Q4, the HCM-BuyLine® will still raise a glass to one heck of a quarter.  

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Thriving in a Bear Market

One of the most utilized words in stock market vernacular is volatility. While it can loosely translate as fluctuation on returns, it’s alter ego might describe it simply as a bumpy ride in finance. Since the recent drops in the market the first two quarters of the year, we as a financial whole have been gripping tight to our cash, insight, and a healthy bit of faith. Based on the past, it’s easily deductible a bear market can grapple only for so long before transitioning back into a bull market. When the HCM-BuyLine® first indicated a major sell signal last quarter, we jumped into action to strive to protect our 401(k) Optimizer® subscribers from experiencing the burn of major loss. 

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