The HCM-Buyline® Cheers On Investors

In this week’s Wealth Watch

The HCM-Buyline® is a very supportive soccer mom during these harsh times. Investors are buying like the dickens so markets sit oversold and in need of a good spa day. The rest of the world is in need of a good spa day, actually. On a positive note, the turtle population seems to be going strong. The same cannot be said about the manatees, however. If sea life could invest, eco-friendly straws and compostable trash bags would be oversold, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Speaking of the S&P 500, a number of stocks have been slapped around but everyone has their fingers crossed they’ll bounce back like Winona Ryder’s career after that awkward shopping incident. Everyone needs a little break from time to time, including unemployment. 

Let’s Get To Work

Last week over a million people woke up from 5 months of binge watching Tiger King, Westworld and nostalgic Disney+ throwbacks. Unemployment insurance fell to the lowest level it has been since March, meaning workers are back to earning. Jobless claims fell 844,000 to 16.107 million, but we still have a long way to go. American citizens are searching for a new normal like they searched for that balloon they lost as children in a county fair 15 years ago. The honest answer is they are never getting that balloon back. 

Businesses have blamed the coronavirus, market conditions, and demand downturns as the top three reasons they have been cutting jobs. Which makes young entrepreneurs thankful their startups are on their couches in Silicon Valley apartments instead of fancy high-rises. Tech CEOs are knocking it out of the park, but hands on work isn’t feeling the same uplifting jazz. 

Let’s Stay Optimiztic

The world’s health and the stock market have been in a very tumultuous relationship since the beginning of the year. Be it herd immunity or simply working from home, the numbers are moving in wild directions looking for ways to stabilize. Every day there is a new rollercoaster to tackle, but at least there are mountains of cash waiting to flood back in when the opportunity reveals itself.  

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