Vance Howard Splits Dessert with Bloomberg Radio

As seen on this week’s Wealth Watch

Vance Howard, the CEO and portfolio manager of Howard Capital Management, Inc., divulged a few of his secrets to Bloomberg Radio recently. The hosts were particularly interested in Howard’s position on trading in such a climate. For them the financial world seemed to be -55 degrees and raining cats and dogs, but to Vance it’s 72 and sunny. How does he keep his mojo? By pressing the off button when the news gets too routy. Consuming too much media seems similar to eating an entire bag of doughnut holes as both can cause stress, pimples and bad sleep. Howard states, “We live in a world where there’s plenty of problems each and every day… you gotta trade through them.” 

Howard referenced his HCM-BuyLine® when he told Bloomberg Radio he was “unemotional” and going “where the money is going,” which is apparently technology. He and the HCM-BuyLine® have been dance partners since 1997. They’ve jived, tangoed, and cha-chaed up and down Wall Street for many years and remain a dynamic duo. He polished off the last of the cherry pie while adding, “we trade in the now, and right now the HCM-BuyLine® is positive.” By golly the man is one confident son-uf-a-bull. 

Spooked By the Stock Market? In Our Opinion, Don’t Be. 

The S&P 500 has covered its front lawn in tomb stones and dancing skeletons. It’s still up for debate whether the market is celebrating Halloween or creating an art installation representing November 3rd. No matter how many cantankerous letters the HOA sends, the answer remains a mystery. It doesn’t seem to matter to the market, as it gears up for the Monster Mash and frowns from the dentist.  

And They’re Off!

It’s Team Small Cap stocks versus Team Large Cap stocks, ladies and gentlemen. These two beasts have been chomping at the bit and making like Seabiscuit around the track. Currently Team Small Cap has taken the lead, reflecting optimism in the economy. In the recent Wealth Watch, Vance Howard also mentions small cap stocks are closely tied to the domestic economy, which could mean higher yields in the U.S. 

Better Out Than In We Always Say

In the past we used to cough to hide gas. Now we’re having to break wind to hide our coughs. Etiquette has indeed evolved over the course of 2020. These days shoppers would rather be hit by a car than get the stink eye after a sip went down the wrong pipe. It’s unfortunate the cases are rising, and this could be the result of students returning to school and workers returning to offices. 16 out of 17 service industries have reported growth. This is splendid for economic reasons, but not so splendid for medical reasons. It’s no secret the human body really is just a smart meatsuit, but if mother nature could throw us a bone we would absolutely be more optimiztic.  


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