Vance Howard Has Tea with TD Ameritrade

As seen on TD Ameritrade Network

Vance Howard, CEO of Howard Capital Management got spiffed up for a little back and forth on TD Ameritrade’s News Network. For all the single stocks out there, Howard ensured them the HCM-BuyLine® was emotionally unavailable. If it doesn’t have anything to do with math, the HCM-BuyLine® will swipe left on it (for all you online daters out there).  

Time for Another Pep Rally 

Cash is waiting on the sidelines screaming, “Put me in coach.” These past few months have been like a homecoming football game, but all the best players are being saved for last. When Howard was asked to elaborate on the $4.7 trillion in cash he responded, “There’s more cash on the sidelines than in the 2008 downturn.” Holy moly, Batman. 

They Call me the Defender

HCM holds two separate ETFs, the Defender series. They sound like Transformers, and they operate as such. The Defender series are index ETFs that have the HCM-BuyLine® overlay. Howard adds, “When things like the pandemic happen, we reduce exposure.” Stoploss protection helps ensure you don’t show up to battle without your helmet (much like the sweet aunt that never goes to the mall without her credit card). 

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Howard Capital Management has been keeping an eye on stocks making headway and major moves. Howard essentially said, “Go where the action is!” because everyone loves stagnant money as much as a traffic jam, at least tactical money managers.

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