Does the Stock Market Have a Poker Face?

As seen in this week’s Wealth Watch

It’s casino night at the stock market and the HCM-BuyLine® never misses a chance to blow on an investor’s dice. Weeks of gains has left them squirming and wondering which hit will be their last at the blackjack table. Hurricane season looms over the southeast and the market as volatility swirls above investors’ heads. However, there’s no time for tears for the HCM-BuyLine® as its tactical approach maintains a happy-go-lucky outlook on trading. Volatility may be unnerving to many, but is seen as healthy development for market progress. Although it may be on track to bottom in the late Q4, the HCM-BuyLine® will still raise a glass to one heck of a quarter.  

COVID? Never Met Her

There seems to be more cacti than COVID-19 cases in the wild west. Houston’s hospital admittance continues to decrease according to The Texas Medical Center resources. A keen eye will be kept on the numbers after Labor Day, however. Nothing promotes a pool party more than sunshine, your favorite seltzer, and a giant inflatable unicorn. After the long weekend, the only thing we’d like to see spiked is our summer cocktail. 

Anything But A Gender Reveal Party

Birds are tired of the over-the-top gender reveal explosions. California wildfires prove there’s no need to throw a half-time show for a family to know “it’s a boy.” As firefighters work tirelessly, parents attempt to relearn third grade math for homeschooling. Mom’s aren’t hesitating to give extra credit for taking the dog out and hunting down the wine key. 2020 has felt like a never ending garage sale for the stock market and parents alike as they’re stuck in lawn chairs watching everything sell off at a snail’s pace. Nonetheless, what the world needs is a disco nap then a night on the town. And if the HCM-BuyLine® knows anything, it’s recovery days are necessary to stay Optimiztic. 


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