With Love, The Market

As seen in this week’s Wealth Watch… 

Two Can Play At That Game 

The HCM-BuyLine® recently returned from the grocery store to find a bouquet of flowers on its stoop and the front lawn on fire. A note was attached saying, “With love, The Market.” Flattered yet confused, the HCM-BuyLine® was appreciative of the small gesture as it whipped out a fire extinguisher from its back pocket. We’re fully aware the stock market has been met with a moment of consolidation, and every parent knows growing pains leads to acting out. September may have shown signs of weakness, but the HCM-BuyLine® has watched Home Alone one too many times and will be ready for the next sneak attack.

This Will Only Hurt a Little

The west coast fires seem to be letting out a final wheeze along with its coronavirus cases and people are growing tired of playing doctor with their significant others indoors. COVID-19 cases have dipped, which has humans opening their doors to venture out into the world again. Sure, everyone looks like they’re on their way to rob a bank, but that is the least of our concerns. Although masks are tentative accessories, most people are willing to do what’s necessary to get out and get moving. 

How Many Reps Have You Done? 

The Institution for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and Youyang Gu Models arm wrestled for months and it seems Youyang Gu has been secretly working out. IHME predicted daily death tolls between 2000-4000 by now and we are seeing less than 500. We all overshoot from time to time, but IHME never got the target practice it needed. And don’t get us started on the Imperial College’s failing test scores.

Come Here Often? 

News outlets have officially changed their status from “It’s Complicated” to “Divorced.”  In a world where information is abundant, media consumers have developed whiplash from all the conflicting headlines. Due to highly politicized wordage, it’s becoming necessary to cut that grain of salt in two and still water it down with each article. When Fox News and CNN start having afterwork cocktails, then we know pigs have officially begun to fly. Don’t be afraid to put away the screen and pick up a good book. Our only recommendation is to not read The Handmaid’s Tale or 1984

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