the 401(k) Optimizer®

What is the 401(k) Optimizer®?

Let’s just say you have a company-sponsored retirement plan and you have long term goals for it. Months, or even years later, you realize your retirement plan is increasing at a snail’s pace and you’re slightly disappointed in that. This is where the 401(k) Optimizer® could benefit you. This tool is designed to help you optimize your investments within your retirement plan. If you have a 401(k), 403b, or 457 plan, using the tool will let you know when to buy and when to sell through a math-based approach. 

Diversify Your Company-Sponsored Plan 

If you have been offered a company-sponsored retirement plan through your employer, you most likely have been given the basics. The 401(k) Optimizer® tool is designed to give you further insight into your opportunities within your portfolio and can help you diversify your investments to better fit your goals. The tool reminds you to rebalance investments quarterly, ensuring your portfolio remains on track with your risk level and goals and will also let you know if or when you should move your investments to cash or less risky investments during market declines. 

Use the 401(k) Optimizer® and StopLoss Protection During Market Downturns

The HCM-BuyLine® is a proprietary stoploss protection tool and plays a big role in how the 401(k) Optimizer® communicates with its users. Your portfolio is shaped based on your risk tolerance level and investments available. If the market begins to teeter in one direction or the other, the 401(k) Optimizer® will pick up on major changes through the HCM-BuyLine®. The HCM-BuyLine® tracks the market to determine when to be in or out of equity positions during downturns and upturns. This tool is mechanical and non-emotional. In the event the HCM-BuyLine® picks up on a downturn, it will notify your 401(k) Optimizer® account on what recommendations you could consider for your portfolio. This level of transparency could possibly help keep your account from suffering major losses until it’s time to enter or exit the market again. 

Receive Alerts

The HCM-BuyLine® keeps a consistent watch over the market’s movements. In the event the HCM-BuyLine® falls below a certain point, a message will be sent out indicating its time to make adjustments to your portfolio through the 401(k) Optimizer® portal. In addition, new recommendations will be posted to your account quarterly,  notifying you it is time to login to your plan and apply the recommended adjustments. 

The 401(k) Optimizer® Works For You 

Through your portfolio choice, risk level, stoploss protection, and goals, the 401(k) Optimizer® is programmed to give recommendations no matter how the market is functioning. Once completing all necessary criteria, you could sit back and watch your retirement funds potentially grow in a secure platform built for your future. 


Start Optimizing your 401(k) today.