The HCM-BuyLine® Is Feelin’ the Burn

The stock market recently asked the HCM-BuyLine® if it’d been working out and the stoploss tool hasn’t quit smiling since. So what if the tool is relatively nonemotional, a compliment is still a compliment. The truth is the HCM-BuyLine® has been working its buns off to ensure Howard Capital Management is investing mathematically, logically, and as safely as possible. That and the pre-workout shakes have really been kicking in lately. Between the months of June and October, the market has essentially been “recorrecting” itself. Another bull cycle could be on our horizon, and for this the HCM-BuyLine® may be adding on some extra reps for results. 

Who Else is Back In the Gym?

Definitely not humans. However, according to this week’s Wealth Watch the Producer Price Index (PPI) was seen practicing yoga with a couple of analysts recently. The PPI may be on the stoic side, but it certainly has a mean firefly pose. Something we want to mention is prices are lower now compared to a year ago due to the recession. While we have seen a rebound of PPI percentages since earlier this year, producers aren’t putting much pressure on inflation. Here’s a hasty breakdown of PPI increases:

Energy 0.8%
Summary of the Wealth Watch’s PPI Percentages

Around 40% of the increase in services can be attributed to higher transportation and warehousing prices. Due to the slower nature of production these days, the PPI has been enjoying long shavasenas and chaga tea. 

‘Tis the Season to Load Up on Mixers and Toilet Paper

We’re in for an interesting winter ladies and gents. If this was a sci-fi novel, which it certainly feels like one, the dastardly COVID-19 would be swept up by one of Florida’s unlimited supply of hurricanes. Unfortunately enough COVID-19 acts like a cockroach after a nuclear bomb is dropped; it survives anyway. As November wraps up there may to be two types of second waves this season; hospitalizations and panic shopping. According to ABC news online toilet paper and cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves as though they have their own gravitational pull toward terrified Americans. 

It’s only a matter of time before the western world will succumb to the tyranny of bidets. Business Insider is a huge advocate for humans to get their splish splash on downstairs. If toilet paper is such a volatile commodity, perhaps it’s about time we gave the bidet a chance? Apparently it’s just like one of Florida’s hurricanes, but tamer. 

If You’re Afraid of Needles, Too Bad

Biopharmaceutical companies are gearing up for a whole new kind of stick-and-poke. Thanks to Dolly Parton, Maderna has found a whole new love for country music. As for Pfizer, contractors won’t stop calling about sink replacements. Pfizer is not to be confused with Pfister, a bathroom and kitchen outfitter. While both fresh sinks and fresh vaccines are hitting the market, you can take a wild guess which company the stock market is rooting for. Until then, we’re staying Optimiztic. 


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