A Vance Howard History Lesson

In last week’s Wealth Watch we experience a wave of nostalgia with a hint of celebration. Vance Howard deemed November 25, 2020 “a Christopher Columbus Day!” as the Dow Jones Industrial hit an all time high of 30,000.  

Now it’s Time for Some Stock Market Nostalgia 

‘Twas the 1980’s and young Vance Howard bought his first three stocks. He was ready to play this game we call the market. Geared up with questions and aspiration, Howard made friends with two seasoned gentlemen, Jasper Stephens and Mac Price. 

Yes, there was a time when Vance Howard was just a young lad growing into his cowboy boots. In his 20’s he would skip down to the office of Stephens and Price to relish in ticker tape, the smell of 80’s coffee, and a bunch of old guys who knew way more than him. 

Here’s The Vance Howard Tear Jerker 

In the 80’s Vance Howard had three stocks to his name. He was also freshly married and his first daughter was learning how to crawl. Now our Optimiztic team over here isn’t trying to state the obvious, but there’s a metaphor here. The family of Howard Capital Management started small. After years passed they learned to walk and run just like anyone else. Fast forward thirty years and Vance Howard now manages billions of dollars. Howard has more than outgrown his 80’s cowboy boots. For this, we remain Optimiztic. 


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