The HCM-BuyLine® and 2020 Election Drama

If the HCM-BuyLine® was hired to write for Days of Our Lives, it’d be fired mid-season for being too positive. The 2020 presidential election has delivered enough kicking, screaming and daily cliffhangers to power the soaps for years. And it appears the HCM-BuyLine® can’t comprehend the drama to write a good enough season finale. The American people want blood, sweat and tears, ya’ll. They want to see real drama. All we’re being shown are positive charts, sunflowers and unicorns. If you’re the one snoring, then you’re obviously not the one buying.

But No News is Good News, Right?

Not if you’re prime time news.The 2020 election is chock-full of discombobulating information. If you want to hear juicy stories and blood boiling talking points, you know which buttons to press on your remote. They’re the real professionals. The HCM-Buyline®, however, could pass a lie detector as well as a Kardashian claiming they’ve never gone under the knife. The next few weeks could show a LOT of volatility. Even as of right now the market is oversold and investors are jumping at their own shadows.  

The Selloff Pirate is Trick-or-Treating Early

Captain Selloff began going door to door early and as this week’s Wealth Watch states, he “took no prisoners.” There’s some speculation it was due to a spike in COVID-19. However, our financial professionals have an inkling it’s due to the election. Remember, a pirate’s motive is always for treasure, no matter how it’s obtained. COVID-19 or the election, Captain Selloff’s ship is sailing the economic seas, circulating fear of another paused economy. Ye be warned. 

Should I Run and Hide?

It is important to forge ahead. Do not let Captain Selloff instill fear of COVID-19 or the election. It may be Hallween this weekend, but now is not the time to run and hide from the market or the polls. Even if it’s scary outside. Due to the stimulus, debt, and pauses in the economy, we as American citizens will be in recovery mode for quite some time. Whether it’s waging war with Captain Selloff or going to battle with Colonel Coronavirus, our strengths lie in our numbers. The HCM-BuyLine® is positive and we are Optimiztic. We believe in the resilience of the U.S. economy, our only hope is that it believes in itself. 

Happy Halloween 


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