Vance Howard has Seconds With TD Ameritrade Network

As seen on the Wealth Watch… We’ll keep this lunch date short and sweet. Vance Howard has gone back for another helping of tea and crumpets with TD Ameritrade Network. Three major topics were put on the table; the HCM-BuyLine® (obviously), technology, and a dash of politics. If you were expecting hot gossip, you have come to the wrong restaurant. 

Just kidding. We’re still going to gossip. 

Vance Howard always shows up to his lunch dates ready to rock-and-roll. “We get out of the guessing game and we get in the odds game. That’s how we trade at Howard Capital Management.” Doesn’t that have a nice, strong ring to it? Howard doesn’t toss money around like it’s his buddy’s 21st birthday party. He takes his trades to a whole new logical level. If he were to toss money around at a party, Vance Howard’s tactics would lead him to be reimbursed at the end of the night. And before he knows it he’s also holding the deed to the bar. 

Vance Howard Says “Keep Your Eyes on Tech”

Vance Howard said it himself, “It wasn’t that we were so smart we knew tech was going to go up. Our mathematical model knew tech was going to go up.” All it takes is a little math, ya’ll. The volatility of the stock market is not a force to be reckoned with, but with the right model it can be reasoned with. 

In terms of tech, Howard states, “It’s such a dominant force out there, you can’t push it to the sidelines.” Tech has grown into a behemoth throughout the course of 2020. Can you blame it? The world consistently hunts for new, innovative ways to live their lives. Tech companies have been scrambling to keep up with the demand. As far as the HCM-BuyLine® is concerned, those efforts will not slow down any time soon. 

Can We Talk Politics? 

Do you want a plate thrown at the wall? But since we’re here, the American people are still sitting by and biting their nails waiting to find out who the father is. There’s enough red and blue bouncing around it’d give a color blind kid a migraine. If patience were a stock, investors would be buying the heck out of it right now. We’ll be able to know the presidential victor soon enough. As for now, we’re choosing to stay Optimiztic about our prospects.  


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