Vance Howard shares Take-Out with Yahoo! Finance

Vance Howard and friends sat down with Yahoo! Finance to cover the three 2020 P’s: the pandemic, policy, and politics. It doesn’t matter if you’re still digesting your Thanksgiving meal, life will go one whether you need a bathroom break or not. As per usual Vance Howard was ready to spill all his beans about the HCM-BuyLine®. 

The stoploss tool remains a Positive Polly. The facilitator compared Howard Capital Management’s investments over the course of the year. In February, HCM was invested 60%. Now, HCM is 100% invested and sleeping like a baby. “Isn’t that a little dangerous, perhaps?” asked the facilitator. 

Now that “perhaps” is what makes the stoploss indicator go into coliseum mode and asked to be challenged. Who’s sitting on a mountain of cash? HCM’s portfolios. Who’s seen incredible gains due to quantitative trading? Also HCM. Vance mentioned there’s a difference between the economy and the stock market. “They are two different animals doing two different things.” Good point Vance. As a bear pops a squat in the woods the tigers are whipping up gazelle soup. Guess who’s the bear and who’s the gazelle. We’ll wait. 

The HCM-BuyLine® is Always Ready to Boogie 

The Yahoo! Finance facilitators asked Vance Howard what type of signals he watched for in terms of investments. You have three guesses as to which indicator Howard brought up and the first two don’t count. Howard responded, “The HCM-BuyLine®  is the backbone of our whole company. We’ve been trading with it for 25 years and it serves us well.” 

Howard continued, “We sidestepped 2000, 2002. We sidestepped 2008.” With all this sidestepping the stoploss indicator might just go viral on TikTok with it’s stock market do-si-do. 

Speaking of Silly Dances

The Dow Jones was spotted popping bottles in the club as it hit an all time high. Vance Howard called this a Christopher Columbus Day. “It means that’s territory that’s never been seen before.” Now, Vance Howard is a history buff in his own right (don’t get him started on WWII) but Christopher Columbus had his own personal fumbles. Maybe one day we’ll mention the Vikings to Vance Howard but we’re sure he’ll figure it out on his own. Christopher Columbus Day has more of a ring than Pillage and Barley Flatbread Day anyhow. 

We all gathered in a good hardy-har-har as one of the facilitators ventured to mention, “Remember Vance, Columbus almost got slaughtered by the people when he got to the new world.” However, new territory is new territory no matter who blundered  discovered it first. 

Until that history mystery gets settled, we’re staying Optimiztic. 


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