Colonel Coronavirus Remains at Sea

Aye mateys, ye be warned (again). Colonel Coronavirus spotted a stowaway on the poop deck. A spy more like, who’s been thrown in the brigadier many a night. To the crew’s dismay, Vaccine Vajvode knows her way around a padlock. In the night, Lady Vaccine has been dancing with the crew. Not all have been won over, but many of Coronavirus’ crew have abandoned ship. It’s only a matter of time before Colonel Coronavirus himself is wrapped in Lady Vaccine’s fingers. 

What’s the Word on Wall Street?

Thank the saints for copper. According to this week’s Wealth Watch, copper was up +27% since the beginning of 2020. According to Vance Howard this could be a sign the economy is ready for lift off. The S&P 500 took a bit of a tumble last week, but quickly regained its footing. 2021 might be another marathon year.

Forget the Coronavirus, Let’s Talk Chaos

American politics.

That’s all. 

So Who Wants Ice Cream? 

Did you know Ben and Jerry’s has introduced an ice cream dessert specifically for your furry baby? We know this isn’t really news news, but it sure is cute. It’s no secret younger generations are opting for furry children over actual children. But just like you have to test drive a car, you should probably test drive being a parent as well. Maybe pets don’t poop their pants, but they’re still a good way to practice love, care, and ice cream outings. If you’re smiling, then our work here is done.

We hope this news makes you feel as Optimiztic.. 


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