Who else has coronavirus whiplash?

Keeping up with this month’s clinical trials has been like watching three mad scientists play beach volleyball. It’s one long, unpredictable, experiment which we just can’t look away from. After reading feedback about the first round of vaccinations, we’d almost prefer grandma get run over by a reindeer than take a coronavirus vaccine this Christmas Eve. 

However, health care workers have been working their bums off to keep the hospitals running smoothly. The vaccine may have a few hitches now but it’s providing hope. Not all heroes wear capes. Occasionally they wear scrubs. 

So What’s the Prognosis According to the Media? 

Apparently we should all be running amuck in the streets. Chaotic, with arms flailing, like any grand finale of a Muppets musical. 

The New York Times released an article which apparently really stirred the pot for some readers. Only 100 million vaccines ordered? There are over 300 million United States residents. It’s time to throw a Veruca Salt inspired temper tantrum, now isn’t it? 

We think not. Remember, people. The New York Times is one of many large news outlets that have bills to pay, just like you. Any outlet will do what it can to dupe you into engaging with their article. Always follow the money, folks. If the path doesn’t lead to a pot of gold then it will definitely lead you to the entryway of an ad agency. 

The S&P Kindles a Bullish Fire

Despite the uncertainties of the coronavirus, many cyclical stocks have been surging over the past few months. Remember how we mentioned the Dow Jones was poppin’ bottles last week? Well the party might as well run all the way through New Years Eve. Vance Howard writes a pause in gains wouldn’t come as a surprise. If there was any pull back he’s assuming it would be short lived and likely flow into Q1. 

Speaking of Money in the time of Coronavirus… 

According to this week’s Wealth Watch, the “Employments Trend Index (ETI) ticked up 0.5% in November.” Everyone knows hiring tends to slow during the holiday months. No one wants to conduct an interview while roasting their chestnuts and wrapping gifts. 

Not only that, but the third coronavirus spike has been the big kahuna of the year’s infections. With additional stay-at-home orders and the holidays, many business operations have slowed. 

If you don’t already have a side hustle, now’s the time to play pin-the-tail-on-the-hobby and get to gettin’. There’s always a market in handmade dog costumes and scented candles. 

Until next time, we’ll be pouring wax and staying Optimiztic. 


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