Democrats Prep for Some Heavy Lifting

Democrats have officially signed the deed to a steamboat called “Old Rusty.” She’s a fixer-upper, but she still floats…if you consider a vessel sitting cattywampus in 3 inches of sewer water floating. Yes, people, we’re referring to the government. Keep up. For the next two years all eyes will be on how the Dems get Old Rusty back in working order. Suffice it to say, the political party has some heavy lifting to do. Either they make a dent in some issues or they’re going to have to boot scoot boogie out of D.C.  

Old Rusty Will Need Some TLC from Democrats

Few things will live rent free in our minds. Those being daydreams about hot celebrities, soul food and cat memes. When it comes to unemployment, failing businesses, and a rollercoaster economy, there’s an upcharge. These upcoming years the Dems are front and center stage. Can they handle the heat? Stay tuned. 

Comin’ Atcha Live from Wall Street

A hangover. Which seemed to have lasted well into the first Monday of the year. The stock market sort of let itself go over the holidays. With two Advil and some hair of the dog, it’s pulling itself up by its bootstraps. The stock market fumbled at the beginning of the year, but that’s to be expected. Portfolios are being knocked about, investors are relearning how to tie their shoes, and many are still wiping drool away while looking at their 2020 profits. And, wowza, what a year it was for profits. 

So What Should Investors Expect Now?

The bar is pretty high for 2021. According to this week’s Wealth Watch, the HCM-BuyLine® didn’t overdo it on New Years Eve and has it’s head screwed on straight. The stoploss tool is strong and positive. Q1-Q2 could be “choppy” with a 7-10% pullback, but no one’s surprised. As usual the market got dizzy watching the Georgia runoff and Democrats ducking behind walls while citizens stormed the Capital. If the market remained truly confident during these minor discrepancies, we would be concerned. 

Although stocks declined more than they advanced, any investor with a bad cut knows it looks worse before it gets better. So, can the market meet 2020’s former glory? Well the day is young, as is the year. Hang tight and trade well, ya’ll. We’re here for the long haul and staying Optimiztic. 


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