The U.S. had a Post Inauguration Snowball Fight

New year, new president. The Trump administration has officially moved out to hit the beach. Upon arrival to Florida, Donald was cool with a quick hello to the welcoming committee while Melania sidestepped cameras like Bigfoot. During this, the rest of the United States enjoyed a post inauguration sigh of relief. 

Out with the old tension and in with the new tension, right? Now it’s time for winter splendors and building snowmen. It might be a matter of time before the Secret Service has to slap the yellow snow out of our current elect’s hands. Nothing like swapping one old man for another. Cheers. 

So What Does this Have to Do With the Stock Market?

Relax, we’re getting there. If you’ve read this far you’ve earned the right to know the stock market is gaining traction faster than the HCM-BuyLine® can say, “Beer me.” According to this week’s Wealth Watch, any pullback should be considered a buying opportunity. We’re not insinuating anything, but maybe clear some space during mid-2021. Aunt Shirley on Wall Street may be clicking “add to cart” on Stock-azon this summer. 

Who Invited Covid to the Birthday Party? 

While everyone else thought the soiree was invitation only, Colonel Coronavirus and friends crashed the party. They raided Uncle Sam’s liquor cabinet, ate all the slow roasted ham, then swung at Little Timmy’s mermaid piñata. After such abhorrent festivities the colonel went comatose in the neighbor’s hydrangeas. Corona might lack class, but he sure is prompt for a party animal. 

Well We Didn’t have an Inauguration for Nothin’ 

Thanks to a few executive scribbles by President Biden, those who hail from medical school will soon be playing pin the tail on the virus with masks and syringes. It’s been fun corona, but there’s a new sheriff in town. And he’s armed with a woman named Kamala and a pack of Crayola’s that come with their own sharpener in case of emergencies. 

Until next time, we’ll be out here slinging frozen water balls and staying Optimiztic. 


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