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Texas and the Market Have Thawed Out

Everything’s bigger in Texas; belt buckles, hats, storms… energy bills. Did we leave anything out? The “Country Freeze” wasn’t just news, it was a marathon which kept USA’s opposing coasts on the edge of their seats. February delivered in many ways we didn’t want it to. When we said we’d like to burst with love this year, we weren’t referring to midwest water pipes. Whoever sent Jack Frost and Cupid on a blind date obviously never anticipated spending a weekend in an igloo. To all the singles out there, be careful what you wish for next time. 

After days of huddling like penguins, Texans learned unwarranted, albeit valuable lessons about winter. Give it six months and we’ll soon see titles such as, “101 Ways to Save Your Pipes with Whataburger Cups” and “Farming Indoors: The New Social Distancing.” Days without power or water sent many truths about the Texas power grid sledding into a spotlight.

Vance Howard also Thawed From the Country Freeze

You read that right, The Big Guy himself was snowed in and without water for days as well. This didn’t stop him from writing and releasing a Wealth Watch. That’s what we call dedication, people. Take notes. Keep in mind Mr. Howard was born and raised in the land of boots and rally. When the snow began to melt, he hit the ground running

The Good News:

The Eh News:

  • Bonds are plummeting, causing a flare up in conversation about interest rates
  • Investors are swiping left on bonds. 
  • The TLT (20 Year Treasury) is dropping and needs a hug

Colonel Coronavirus Welcomes Offspring

Colonel Coronavirus is in survival mode. After spending a few nights in jail for the whole hydrangea debacle, the colonel had plenty of time to think of counter attacks. And behold, a baby girl, Vicky Variant. To the World’s dismay, the colonel has potential to swashbuckle with Uncle Sam’s liquor in one hand and Vicky Variant in the other. Our only question; will Vicky Variant possess the family gene of party crashing? Or will she pleasantly surprise us all and maintain a low profile? 

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