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Vance Howard Cuts Cheese With Cheddar TV

The big man himself, Vance Howard, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Howard Capital Management penciled in a beguiling interview with Cheddar TV. He spoke about the tech heavy NASDAQ, ETFS, and Tech stocks. 

As usual, Howard was a ray of sunshine. He made sure to mention the HCM-BuyLine®, a stoploss tool and indicator which has been by Howard’s side for decades. When this tool shows a pullback in the market, Howard doesn’t fret. He states, “Any pullback is a buying opportunity to us.” 

All Eyes on Tech Stock

It was obvious Howard is in favor of Tech stock for the time being. He mentioned, “I mean, is Procter and Gamble really going to invent the most exciting bar of soap next year? I just don’t know. I don’t think so.” He later added, “To discount tech would be an unwise move.” 

We’ll take your word for it Mr. Howard. Fingers crossed Tesla invents “Soap Bar 3000.” It would have a built in speaker and leave you smooth as a baby beluga.  

Anyway, Howard made a good point. Investors should keep their eyes on where the money and movement actually is. In terms of the market as a whole, Howard states,“We are seeing a broadening out and that’s incredibly healthy.” 

The Pandemic Did Not Play Favorites

Our Cheddar TV maiden was happy to hear further comments about post pandemic stock numbers. It can be confirmed when glancing at the 2020 market notes, business took quite the hit in March 2020. Colonel Coronavirus took no prisoners but he couldn’t pin each survivor under his thumb. Human’s and the stock market are resilient in their own right. Howard said,  “There are some great value stocks out there that were really beaten up during the pandemic that are [going to]* come back strong.” 

Special Delivery; Stimulus Checks 

Howard had additional comments in terms of the stimulus package. “That’s going to be a great boom for the market. That’s a huge package that’s being thrown into the economy.” Indeed there is praise for more stimulus. 

However, Howard did share a giggle with us in terms of the way civilians are utilizing their newfound cash. “One thing that I did kind of find funny was one of the senators from Massachusetts was stating she was really upset that when people got the last stimulus check they were investing that money,” he said. 

Can you blame them? We’re only getting older by the minute. If investing extra cash for the Elderly Fund means happy feelings then people are going to do it. So if it happened once it can happen again. “I think some of this money is going to come into the stock market too,” Howard said. 

Here’s the thing to giggle about. The stimulus checks are meant to help boost a post pandemic economy, and yet a senator is upset the checks are…boosting a post pandemic economy…

We’ll leave her to a bath bomb and her own devices this weekend. 

What About Inflation?

Our Cheddar TV maiden then inquired, “How much of a concern is inflation for you, Vance?” First Howard mumbled about dishwashers and refrigerators. Appropriately so, but the big note he made was, “We’re going to see a modest amount of inflation, but long term I don’t see that being an impact long term.” Howard has an inkling inflation will wash it’s way through. 

That’s all we wanted to know, Mr. Howard. 

To Wrap up the Interview

Lastly, Howard cut the final cheese giving his opinion about stock market obstacles. 

“Overregulation and high taxes,” he said. But again, this would be a slow process. American’s are not going to wake up tomorrow morning to outrageous taxes while the job market is only halfway out of the can. 

A lot of good looking numbers are on their way, America. With the vaccine rolled out, markets bouncing back, and everyone’s aunt clicking “add to cart”, we’re expecting to see more positivity flow in. 

Until then, we’re nestling into a bubble bath and staying Optimistic. 


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