Vance Howard shares Take-Out with Yahoo! Finance

Vance Howard and friends sat down with Yahoo! Finance to cover the three 2020 P’s: the pandemic, policy, and politics. It doesn’t matter if you’re still digesting your Thanksgiving meal, life will go one whether you need a bathroom break or not. As per usual Vance Howard was ready to spill all his beans about the HCM-BuyLine®. 

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The HCM-BuyLine® Is Feelin’ the Burn

The stock market recently asked the HCM-BuyLine® if it’d been working out and the stoploss tool hasn’t quit smiling since. So what if the tool is relatively nonemotional, a compliment is still a compliment. The truth is the HCM-BuyLine® has been working its buns off to ensure Howard Capital Management is investing mathematically, logically, and as safely as possible. That and the pre-workout shakes have really been kicking in lately. Between the months of June and October, the market has essentially been “recorrecting” itself. Another bull cycle could be on our horizon, and for this the HCM-BuyLine® may be adding on some extra reps for results. 

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Retirement Plans Rest Easy During 2020 Pandemic

When the CARES act was signed in March, it integrated $2.2 trillion into the United State’s economy. It also lifted the 10% tax penalty from early 401(k) and 403(b) withdrawals. Having this withdrawal penalty lifted gave reason for concern from retirement plan providers. However, to our dismay few have actually taken advantage of the waived penalty. It seems as though plan holders aim to avoid further financial complications, and who can blame them. No one wants to be stuck with an ugly bill from the IRS over a withdrawal that was unnecessary in the first place. 

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The HCM-BuyLine® is Training For Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the HCM-BuyLine® was spotted benching 300lbs with a smile. It has two favorite thanksgiving side dishes; grandma’s stuffing and market gains. It seems as though the stoploss tool is trying to make room for both this month. Many would assume the market would have lost its footing after the big election day. According to the Wealth Watch, the S&P 500 surged 10-12% this past week, proving there’s no room for negativity at this table. There’s only room for grandma’s stuffing. 

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The Job Market is Looking Up for November 2020

How many of you have been, or know someone who has been furloughed or laid off this year? It’s 2020 and you can’t throw a rock out of a window without hitting someone who’s job security has been affected by the pandemic. Recessions have long lasting effects on the way our job market and society operate. Consumers spend less, pregnancy rates drop, and college applications deplete; just for starters.

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