Wealth Watch: There’s a Party in The Warehouse

It’s not a party in the USA unless capital goods are on the up and up. Factories have been churning out at its highest rate since 2014. Due to new orders and, gasp, back orders, the workforce is asking for more hands on deck. According to this week’s Wealth Watch, durable goods inched up about %0.02 in December 2020. Now, this may be a feeble number, but at least we’re not in the negatives. 

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The U.S. had a Post Inauguration Snowball Fight

New year, new president. The Trump administration has officially moved out to hit the beach. Upon arrival to Florida, Donald was cool with a quick hello to the welcoming committee while Melania sidestepped cameras like Bigfoot. During this, the rest of the United States enjoyed a post inauguration sigh of relief. 

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Colonel Coronavirus Remains at Sea

Aye mateys, ye be warned (again). Colonel Coronavirus spotted a stowaway on the poop deck. A spy more like, who’s been thrown in the brigadier many a night. To the crew’s dismay, Vaccine Vajvode knows her way around a padlock. In the night, Lady Vaccine has been dancing with the crew. Not all have been won over, but many of Coronavirus’ crew have abandoned ship. It’s only a matter of time before Colonel Coronavirus himself is wrapped in Lady Vaccine’s fingers. 

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Democrats Prep for Some Heavy Lifting

Democrats have officially signed the deed to a steamboat called “Old Rusty.” She’s a fixer-upper, but she still floats…if you consider a vessel sitting cattywampus in 3 inches of sewer water floating. Yes, people, we’re referring to the government. Keep up. For the next two years all eyes will be on how the Dems get Old Rusty back in working order. Suffice it to say, the political party has some heavy lifting to do. Either they make a dent in some issues or they’re going to have to boot scoot boogie out of D.C.  

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Who else has coronavirus whiplash?

Keeping up with this month’s clinical trials has been like watching three mad scientists play beach volleyball. It’s one long, unpredictable, experiment which we just can’t look away from. After reading feedback about the first round of vaccinations, we’d almost prefer grandma get run over by a reindeer than take a coronavirus vaccine this Christmas Eve. 

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401(k) Contributions versus Plain Savings

Welcome to adulthood. You have bills to pay, possibly student debt, basic needs, and we’ll even throw in child expenses for fun. On top of this you could be attempting to contribute to your retirement plan as much as possible. When you turn 59½, we’re assuming you want your retirement account to be beefed up via 401(k) contributions. You’re already aware that safari vacation on your dream board won’t pay for itself. 

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